Commercial Real Estate (CRE) is a multifaceted environment with many moving parts. From sales and leasing to capital improvements and property management, CRE is a world in itself. With so many moving parts, management companies need professional commercial real estate cleaning services and a versatile cleaning provider they can count on, not only to meet, but also to exceed expectations.


Each CRE building typically houses several tenants that vary in size, from small start-up companies to larger Fortune 500/1000 companies. Each tenant has a list of specific needs that must be clearly understood and executed in a reliable manner. Commercial Cleaning Systems understands that each commercial property is different and unique and has the trained team to take on those specific needs.


Commercial real estate tenants can vary significantly in terms of protocols, security requirements and specific concierge needs. A CRE building could house, for example, a dental office, a legal practice, an insurance agency, a commercial space, a call center, a residential home and more.

In these multi-industry tenant buildings, a trained cleaning company would need the expertise to sterilize work surfaces, administer a waste disposal program that protects confidential documents and maintain cleanliness and safety in high traffic environments. In addition, in all buildings, this company must provide services in a sustainable manner that protects the public and the environment through a clean and healthy building.

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