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Bautista Brother's Enterprises was formed on December 2015 by brothers Israel and Sergio Bautista. We decided that after having worked for other companies for more than 15 years, we were ready to start our career as owners of a customer service-based cleaning business. With our combined experience and ideas acquired over the years from being attentive to the needs of customers, we formally began operations in 2016 as Bautista Brother's Enterprises LLC.

Personalized Attention

BAUTISTA BROTHERS clients enjoy personalized treatment perfectly adapted to their particular circumstances, regardless of the sector of activity of their company.

At all times, you, as clients, will enjoy the best attention from our staff of professionals. They will know how to identify your real needs and adapt our services to your company without altering your daily activity. Our clients are very important to us and deserve the upmost attention and personalized professional treatment. Our clients are the basis of our core values and principles which lead to mutual satisfaction.

Creating BAUTISTA BROTHERS as a values-based company and initiating our Work formula called - C R B - Clients Results and Benefits.

We make sure that our clients know that our service will be of the highest quality. We make sure that the relationship we build will be the key to doing a good business to bring the best results to your building.

The process of contracting is through an appointment for a first interview to determine your cleaning needs and requirements for your specified locations, from there we base ourselves to know in which position we can be more efficient. This is followed with a second appointment to request your information and submit it to our Data System in order for us to be able to initiate a contract. We will then assign your business uniformed employees with work manual and work badge.

We are reaching out to business owners like you in this area to let you know about a better solution for your office cleaning needs. As you may know, many janitorial providers unfortunately deliver lousy service, failing to restock supplies in restrooms and breakrooms, empty the trash, dust or even vacuum.

Our company, BAUTISTA BROTHERS, prides ourselves on delivering professional janitorial service, certified for quality by the Cleaning Management Institute. We give every room of your office a full professional cleaning, making sure all your floors are clean, all surfaces are dusted and all your supplies are restocked.

For new clients, we offer a special deal: If you're not fully satisfied with how we clean your office the first time, you pay absolutely nothing. If you'd like to schedule a no-risk cleaning, call us at 970 825-4627 We look forward to providing you with quality cleaning services.


Training and motivation of personnel is the fundamental basis of our company. This training provides for improvement of the different processes and services that we offer to our clients. In this way we ensure that the staff is involved in the fulfillment of the highest objectives of the company. This commitment from our staff offers the best and highest quality in the performance of their functions, reverting unbeatably in the services that you receive.

In the performance of their functions, reverting unbeatably in the services that you receive.

  • Our service is reflected in the quality of the administration and staff. To generate loyalty, we believe that the following objectives are vital in all relationships with our clients.
  • Provide constant administration and supervision on a daily basis
  • Develop, train and continuously motivate all personnel
  • Provide opportunities for promotion and advancement to our employees
  • Re-evaluate and customize work schedules for optimal productivity and quality
  • Provide continuous feedback to our employees and customers

Comprehensive Cleaning Services

The cleaning services that we cover are very broad. The need to strive every day to obtain a better quality of life is what the professionals that make up BAUTISTA BROTHERS are committed to do. We are continually evolving to develop a whole range of comprehensive cleaning services that guarantee a sustainable evolution within a germ free, clean and pleasant environment. We provide a wide variety of cleaning services for all, from offices to buildings or public areas.

Methods used

In order to carry out the cleaning services that we offer to companies with the greatest effectiveness and precision, we continually adopt the best methods at our disposal, in order to achieve the objectives set, which are: quality and customer service.

BAUTISTA BROTHERS is in constant innovation of the technical means to be used in the provision of our services. The machinery used for the different cleaning jobs is determined so that at all times our workers have the appropriate means for achieving maximum performance.

The constant concern of our company is the respect for the ENVIRONMENT which means that the products used are appropriate to achieve optimal cleaning results, and in all cases, they must meet quality controls and have their corresponding file for safety and approval.

Bautista Brothers Enterprises is the industry leader in fusing technology into our cleaning processes. Research and development are ongoing to ensure our cleaning teams are incorporating the latest industry advancements to achieve the cleanest, healthiest environment. In addition, incorporating these technologies & processes can play an important role in helping your facility incorporate a Green Cleaning program.

Micro-Fiber Technology

Bautista Brothers Enterprises has replaced conventional cleaning cloths with a color coded micro-fiber system, which cleans greener and dryer while removing more dust contaminants. Bautista Brothers Enterprises uses a four-color coded Micro-fiber system, which virtually eliminates cross-contamination.

• Micro-fiber is 1/16 the size of a human hair and holds eight times its weight in water.
• The tiny fibers penetrate the microscopic pores of surfaces increasing cleaning quality
and saving time in the process.
• Micro-fiber is positively charged and literally removes 100% of all dust particles

Back Pack Vacuum Technology

Our back pack vacuums have a four-level filtration for exceptionally clean and healthy indoor air quality. These powerful vacuums:

• Capture up to 99% of dust mites, pollen, viruses, bacteria, and chemical residue
• Leave's less dust in your environment so there is less dust to collect on equipment and furniture
• Help reduce the risk of respiratory infection Create a healthier environment for your facility

Hospital Grade Desinfectants

The objective of our cleaning process is not only to clean well, but also to clean for improved health.

Green Seal - Enviromentally Safe Chemicals

We offer products that meet Green Seal's environmental standard. They are colorless, odorless, and an environmentally conscious line of cleaning chemicals.

• Highly effective cleaning solutions
• Designed to meet environmental standards
• Comply with LEED certifications.


The continuous search for the satisfaction of our customers has led us to develop a perfect management system in which quality, respect for the environment, prevention of occupational hazards and the training of our workers have been incorporated into the culture of the company. BAUTISTA BROTHERS proposes as a general objective the improvement of working conditions and environments, contributing to the labor well-being of the company.

Our staff, specialized and highly qualified in each of the different services we provide to our clients, participates in continuous training plans, adapting to the latest developments demanded by the market. The training of our employees is an important value for us who take care of all the details.

Owner Operators

• Owner Operators are not employees, and have a vested interest in creating a long term relationship.
• Owner Operators must read, write and speak English.
• Owner Operators must pass a background check.

Certification Program

5 weeks advanced cleaning certification program
• Cleaning Standards Established
• OSHA Safety Standards, Blood Borne Pathogens Standards

Prevention of Occupational Hazards

Our company proposes as a general objective the improvement of work conditions and environments contributing to labor well-being, coordinating the most appropriate prevention policies for each center and taking into account the human and technical factor. All of this is possible thanks to the design, application and coordination of preventive action plans and programs, the continuous evaluation of risk factors and the monitoring and control of the effectiveness of the measures adopted.

Maintenance & Security

Bautista Brothers Enterprises will provide all chemicals, equipment, labor and supervision. Client will provide all restroom paper products, hand soap, and trash can liners.
• Will use a log book to be kept on site for nightly communication.
• All workers will be uniformed and badged.
• Will post visible Safety Data Sheets (SDS) in the janitorial closets.
• Will neatly store cleaning supplies and equipment, and keep the janitorial closets organized and clean.
• Report any plumbing or maintenance issues, or unusual circumstances.
• Will lock all doors and set all alarms where applicable.

Quality Assurance Process - Bautista Brothers Enterprises Regular Physical Inspections

• Operation's Consultant assigned to your facility is financially incented based on your customer satisfaction.
• Comprehensive and signed inspection reports

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Quality Guarantee

It is true that the greatest guarantee of quality of our company is the great commitment acquired with our clients and the knowledge of having in our hands the hygiene and presentation of the companies that we maintain before their clients.

The basic guidelines of the quality policy, which should govern our actions, are summarized in the principles listed below:

• Clients are the reason for our work. We must know, in order to satisfy them, their real needs and expectations.
• To know it is necessary to measure.
• The job well done, the first time, should be the goal of permanent attitude. A job well done is the one that meets the expectations of your client.
• The prevention of errors will take precedence over the effort to control them.
• To achieve the highest levels of clarity, a collaborative, teamwork attitude is essential. An individualistic attitude, oblivious to the needs of others, has no place in
this company system.
• Improving quality is everyone's responsibility, let's not rely on others to control us or act as a filter for poorly done work. Great attention should be paid to training and education as a necessary tool for the job. It must be permanent, planned and oriented to customer satisfaction.
• Communication is everyone's job. Adequate communication is essential to advance in quality improvement.
• Quality improvement is a continuous process. It is necessary to acquire the habit of permanent improvement, creating a high awareness of quality.


Sergio Bautista 970-825-4627
Israel Bautista 970-215-9622

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